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    Problem with Win7/IE11/Flash11


      I have just spent two unsuccessful days trying to get Flash to work properly on my HP Pavilion dv7 laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate, Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16428, and Flash 11.9.900.152.  I have gone through the forum (as well as a general Internet search), and did the two recommended checks, and that didn't help.  I also do not have the HP Pavilion KB installed that was referenced in another thread on this forum (of course I can't find the patch number right now *sigh*).


      Symptoms: Audio is fine but no video.  Some websites work fine and others don't.  Example of a non-working website: http://msnvideo.msn.com/  Example of a working website: http://www.youtube.com/


      Other information:


      - Updating the drivers (Intel HD Graphics Family and Radeon HD 6770M) did not help.  Per Device Manager all of my drivers were the latest despite being a couple of years old.  However, trying to force the issue by going online through the publishers for updated drivers caused problems with the display (like a mapping mismatch) before then causing a BSoD, which was bad enough to prevent the computer from restarting.  I was forced to use a restore point to recover.


      - I have a WinXP Virtual Machine on the same system running IE 8.0.6001.18702 and Flash 11.9.900.152 with no problems.


      I have rolled Win7 back to IE10 and Flash 11.9.900.152...that did not help, so I went ahead and reinstalled IE11 (KB2841134, which according to Microsoft Updates is the 64-bit version)


      - I even installed Shockwave in desperation...didn't help.


      - I have uninstalled and re-installed Flash numerous times with rebooting...didn't help.


      - I have turned on and off ActiveX Filtering...didn't help.


      - I have turned on and off SmartScreen Filter...didn't help.


      - Control Panel --> Flash Player (32-bit) --> Advanced shows ActiveX Version: 11.9.900.152, and Plug-in Version: Not installed...is this a problem?


      - IE --> Tools --> Manage add-ons provides a possible clue:


      -- If both of the two add-ons (Shockwave Flash Object and Shockwave ActiveX Control) are either enabled or disabled, the screen shows white but the audio is fine.


      -- If Shockwave Flash Object is enabled and Shockwave ActiveX Control is disabled, the screen also shows white but the audio is fine.


      -- If, however, Shockwave Flash Object is disabled and Shockwave ActiveX Control is enabled, the screen still doesn't show video, but the screen is now black, a progress bar and other control icons are displayed, and the buffering "circle" works.  (The audio still works fine.)  Note that the icons and buffering circle are not as refined as they normally are.  For example, the buffering circle is a series of circling dots rather than the full shaded circle (I hope that description is understandable).


      Greatly appreciate any insight you can provide! 

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          SuSham Level 1

          ...and I wrote too soon, as I am now having problems with http://www.youtube.com/ as well, this one asking me to re-load Flash repeatedly, with no positive outcome.  *sigh*



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            chris.campbell Adobe Employee

            Here's two things I'd try right away.  First, see if disabling hardware acceleration makes a difference:


            How do I disable or enable hardware acceleration?


            Assuming this is a recent problem with your system, let's try rolling back to a previous version of Flash Player to see if that makes a difference.


            How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player?

            Where can I find direct downloads of Flash Player 11.7 for Windows or Macintosh?

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              SuSham Level 1

              Good morning, Chris!  Well, I uninstalled, and installed 11.7, and still no joy.  ...and I still can no longer see http://www.youtube.com videos, even in html5  mode (so there was no way I could watch your video).  Any other suggestions?  BTW: When I went to the acceleration link, the area where my player info was supposed to be was grey.  Right-clicking got me nowhere.

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                Thank you for giving that a try.  With 11.7 installed, what version is reported when you click the "check now" button located on this help page?



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                  SuSham Level 1

                  It says "Sorry, Flash Player is either not installed or not enabled.

                  Please go to step 2."


                  ...and for some really, really weird stuff: I was just able to watch a video posted on facebook!  ...and right-clicking showed that I had 11.7 installed.  Bizarre. 

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                    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                    Can you try an alternative browser (if you haven't already) to see how that behaves?  I'd recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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                      SuSham Level 1

                      Hi, Chris!  Really appreciate you hanging in there on this! 


                      Okay, I wanted to add a few more things to the discussion:


                      - Yes, life was great prior to these recent upgrades, whether IE, or FP, or a combination.  The problems have been in the last couple of weeks.


                      - I tried Compatibility Mode on a couple of the websites--msn.com and youtube.com.  It made the situation worse on both because now I got an error message saying I needed the latest Flash.


                      - I saw your response to another person using Win7/IE11/FP11: "Ultimately, the problem here is that the web content you are trying to view is unable to detect Flash because of assumptions in their html/javascript code that are no longer true with IE 11.  The proper fix would be for the content provided to make changes on their Web site but that takes time."


                      I guess my question at this point is: Is FP12 expected to correct issues with IE11?  If so, I can certainly wait.  If not...I will try re-downgrading IE and clean-uninstalling FP, and re-installing FP11.7 and seeing if that works.  I really don't want to use either Chrome or Firefox for several reasons (a story for over a beer).

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                        I´m using windows 7 64 bit home premium, IE 11, lastest amd graphics driver and latest flashplayer activeX and plugin, (pepper version in chrome)

                        All flashversions worked badly on my favourite streamingsites such as justin tv and utube.

                        In search for help, I stumbled over the strobe playback player setup page, that enables you to disable the stagevideo section in flashplayer online (momentarily), wich immediately stopped all lagging and glitch problems.

                        Clearly Adobe needs to focus on that part (in particular for windows 7), since no problems running in vista and xp.

                        I would suggest an option in global settings that would allow windows 7 users to turn stagevideo off.

                        P.S. I hope this reply passes on to the developing team.

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                          I am using Flash player and am getting very similar results. This page, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=335893426565493, gives me the white screen but brings up the settings menu when I right click in the white are and also allows the video to be seen dimly through the white screen.

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                            I'm having the same type of problem as SuSham was describing with my HP Pavilion DV7 (product number A1L77AV#ABA). At some point (guessing with an IE or flash update), I lost my video capability (white screen) when attempting to view news clips (CNN, MSN) and the weather channel videos.  Also, right clicking and picking settings brings up nothing (or it just can't be viewed).  Very frustrating!!! I thought, perhaps, that my windows computer just needed a reimage (went over 3 years without doing so - quite a record...).  I reimaged to the factory settings and updated everything through the HP provided factory provided utility software and windows updates.   I'm using Win 7 Home Premium, have the latest service pack, installed the latest flash, etc.  Problem not fixed...  I think that disabling the hardware acceleration might have corrected the CNN video problem, but not the others.  YouTube works fine. At one point, I had uninstalled Adobe Reader, trying to uninstall anything to see if it helped.  I've since reinstalled it (is there any connection between Adobe Reader and Flash (something shared)?  I went into the Device manager and verified that my drivers were up to date.  According to that, I have the Radeon(TM) HD 7690M XT and Intel(R) HD Graphics Family display adapters.  Finally, I installed Firefox, and all video works fine after installing flash for that!  Wish I could get IE working properly.....