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    tabs and indentations

    elle cuardaigh

      How do I remove a 'tab' (creating an indentation) in chapter titles or the first line of a paragraph without changing the entire paragraph style?

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          pixxxel schubser MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Don't use a „tab“ for this, please.


          Much more better is it to work with „left indent“ und „left first line indent“ in your paragraph style.

          (I hope so, this are the correct english-names for this functions)


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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            If it's really a tab, just delete it in those paragraphs where you don't want it. If it's a first line indent, or a left or right indent, you can remove those locally as well without redefining your styles.


            But maybe you SHOULD redeine the styles, or add a second stile without the indent.

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              elle cuardaigh Level 1

              I'm sorry, I should not have used the word "tab". I created a Word doc and

              transferred it to indesign. When in Word, it was formatted correctly.

              (Chapter titles were centered, the first paragraph was not indented, the

              following paragraphs were indented.) After transferring, it was haphazardly

              set as some being centered, some being indented, etc. And when I tried to

              simply remove the indentation (or center the title) it would not move. It

              was stuck.


              I tried "quick change" or whatever it is called and that did allow me to

              change paragraph styles for that paragraph only, but this changed the style

              of the entire thing as well.


              I cannot find the right command that allows me to get rid of indentations

              without changing the rest of the style.


              (I am completely new to indesign, so please use small words.)

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Try placing the word file again, but this time show the import options and preserve the Word formatting.


                Be aware, though that you may have quite a mess on your hands if you are a typical Word user who never uses styles and makes all your formatting changes by selecting text and then setting the font parameters. It's possible to clean that up using scripts that will define proper styles in the InDesign file based onthe formatting found, but that's a fairly advanced technique.


                InDesing is a very sophisitcated page layout application intended for professinal use. That doesn't mean you should abandon it, but you do need to undertand that it is not entirely intuitive, and there is a significant learning curve.


                You'll find some good tutorials on AdobeTV, and at Lynda.com (not free, but Bob may pop in to give you a code for a free trial), and the most coomonly recommended book for beginners is Sandee Cohen's Visual QuickStart Guide to InDesign.

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                  elle cuardaigh Level 1

                  Peter, please give me another answer than "start over". I will if I must,

                  but except for the "stuck indentations" it's done.


                  I've used Publisher as well as Word for writing, but on some advice,

                  created this in Word then transferred to InDesign,after having made all the

                  necessary styles and rules. It should have worked and it really bugs me

                  that it almost did, except for these niggling problems.


                  Is there any way to force the indentation change, some command I don't know

                  about? (Please say yes.)



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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    Maybe, but you're going to have to show us waht you have now. We might be able to see enough with a screen capture that shows frame edges and non-printing characters (Type > Show Non-Printing Characters, and be sure you are not in Preview or Overprint Preview mode).


                    You can embed your screen capture in a post using the camera icon on the web page, like this: