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    After Effects CC (AERENDER) licensing errors for multiple CORE renders on a SINGLE machine.


      I am hoping someone  can assist me with an issue I am having in After Effects CC, or know who I should reach out to.


      I currently use SMEDGE as a render farm tool. It can launch multiple instances (per core of a licensed machine) of aerender to render a project. This was worked beautifully on CS6, but with CC is breaks. It shoots out the following error: "After Effects error: Unable to obtain a license. Please run the full application to correct the problem or get a more detailed message."  My machine is licensed with me logged in and I can run AE CC GUI with no issue.


      Is there a way to activate multiple aerender nodes on a single licensed machine? I have an 8-proc machine that used to be able to launch 8 instances of aerender on CS6, since A.E.CC, no more.


      Any help would be appreciated as it has cut my render time down drastically.