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    advice needed


      Im new to Flex and its obviously a massively powerful application and I want to know if it can do what I need, Ive looked through the tutorials and some of the many samples and cant find something like the application I need to build. Specifically I need to build a product builder where several components are picked to create a finished whole (specifically panels, frame, colour, glass etc that all go together to make up a bespoke door). Is this something that Flex can handle and therefore something that I can learn?
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          peterent Level 2
          Check out the Flex showcase on the Flex product page and I'm sure you'll find apps that do something similar. I would recommend that you use Flash for the graphic and use Flex for the forms and back-end interface.

          The Flash-written component can have the door and all of the parts. It can also have functions which can put those parts together and those functions would get called from the Flex controls.

          You can do this in Flex, too, having the graphics imported as Flex <mx:Image> controls and then position them correctly. Just decide which route is the most comfortable for you.