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    Why Doesn't Clone or Healing Brush Work  Sometimes?

    TomBrooklyn Level 1



      How come sometimes the Clone Stamp Tool doesn't clone, and the Healing Brush doesn't heal.


      Sometimes I can get it to work, and sometimes I can't.


      Sometimes it works only partially.     The thing I want to cover over gets partially obscured behind a translucent clone spot.



      On a recent attempt, I had the Healing Brush working, but after I made a selection mask to limit the area to be healed, the Healing Brush no longer worked.


      I have Opacity and Flow on 100%.    I tried a variety of different Modes.    Aligned samples is checked, as Layer is set to Current.   Layer is not locked.   I am working on the top layer of three layers.     I set layer to all three posible options, including Current, and Current and Below.      I left Aligned Samples unchecked, and then I checked it.  


      I Reset the Tool in the configuration drop down menu next to the tool icon in the tool options bar.   I Reset All Tools.