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    My bank information was Hacked


      I was subjected to having my bank information stolen and accessed. Adobe doesn't seem to care about that fact and is unwilling to allow me to pay monthly without my banking information being stored on the the Adobe easy to hack website. My bank informs me that Adobe must by law meet my requirements of not having my bank account information stored on their site, since Adobe cannot guarantee 100% that it will not happen again. I lost not only money in this hack, but also access to my own bank accounts for a period of 14 days. Unable to buy food, pay bills, or even put gas in the car. Now, Adobe wants to insure it will happen again by insisting that my banking information be stored once again on the Adobe free for crooks site!

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Depending on where you live, and your credit rating, you can use an actual credit card, not a debit card, so a direct line to your bank is not on file with Adobe.


          Perhaps depending on where you live, you can also purchase a pre-paid 3-month or full- year of CC from Amazon to keep your financial information off of Adobe:



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            jfalsken Level 1

            Your still not protected using a credit card. Instead of using auto pay system, Adobe needs to allow manual payment without saving card information. I pay all my other monthly bills this way and it protects both myself, but also the Companies involed.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That is what the Amazon pre-paid memberships are for.

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                jfalsken Level 1

                The Amazon pre-paid memberships doesn't have very good ratings only 2 stars and a lot of complains. Look it just the facts, Adobe allowed my payment information to fall into the hands of a criminal enterprize. There is the fact that Adobe's first steps were to protect itself, over notifying Customers that Customer's payment information was taken. My e-mails were only that my Adobe account password was taken and nothing about payment information or what needed to be done to protect myself, Only change your password. It is like Adobe wants to just sweep this matter under the rug and doesn't care about security or the Customers. I lost both time and money on this hack. Maybe you can experience a lock out of your accounts and your identity stolen, but I cannot!  I find it very poor on Adobe part to send me an e-mail threatening me that unless, I post my payment infomation and allow the criminal to access again my payment information, I will lose access to the Adobe Software. Nothing has changed in the security measures to prevent this from happening again and again! I for one refuse to be subjected to repeated fraud, where Adobe just writes it off as nothing!  None of my monthly creditors store my payment information on their website. This is done to protect them and myself. Clearly Adobe has a security issue and it isn't going away anytime soon either. Why Adobe cannot understand why someone would be unwilling to post payment information again after having this experience is beyond me. Auto payment has been proven to be easily accessed and my bank account is proof of that fact! I do not want to allow Adobe to store my payment information ever again and my bank states it is by law that Adobe must meet my demains!

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                  jfalsken Level 1

                  Since, I have recieved 3 e-mail notices to change my Adobe Password. The hacker must still be able to access the system or there wouldn't be so many requests to change it. So, why would I want to just hand over my new payment information to this criminal by posting it on Adobe's site?

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Adobe has not swept this under the rug.  In fact there is a link on the  www.adobe.com home page about it and the first item in the FAQ says:


                    "Frequently Asked Questions

                    "What information exactly did the attacker gain access to?


                    "Our investigation currently indicates that the attackers accessed Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems. We also believe the attackers removed from our systems certain information relating to 2.9 million Adobe customers, including customer names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information relating to customer orders. At this time, we do not believe the attackers removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers from our systems.


                    "We are also investigating the illegal access to source code of numerous Adobe products. Based on our findings to date, we are not aware of any specific increased risk to customers as a result of this incident."


                    The e-mail I got from Adobe told me to change my password, yes, because that was clearly something the hackers could see immediately.  It was less clear that the banking information had been decrypted, but Adobe notified my bank and I got a new debit card in the mail without my asking for it, and Adobe is paying for 1 year of credit monitoring for me, so it's not like Adobe isn't doing anything about the situation, at least in my case.


                    The low ratings on Amazon, if you actually read them, are because people don't agree with the cloud subscription paradigm in general, not that the Amazon pre-payment for a subscription doesn't work, so I don't see that a low rating show put you off of using an Amazon pre-pay instead of have Adobe auto-pay.

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                      jfalsken Level 1

                      The hacker was able to make purchases in the San Antonio, Ex area making several fraudulent purchases using my debt card information. Adobe never informed me that my payment information was taken and never contacted my bank on my behalf.  I contacted both Adobe and my bank about these purchases on my account. My account was then frozen for 14 days to insure that no more claims were going to come in. Account numbers were changed and a new card was issued. At no time, has Adobe offered any help. Adobe Reps treated it as if it never happened. It might not of happened for Adobe , but it did happen for me and my bank. I am on the third go around on password changing since the beginning of this month. Now, both Adobe accounts will not allow access to payment information.  I have received threating e-mail that my program access is about to be denied, unless new payment information is stored on the Adobe site for the hacker to enjoy again. No effort has been made to catch this person. Where, I have contacted each location that my data was used to make these purchases. Adobe has done nothing thus far.


                      The Amazon pre-payment doesn’t accept students only full pay clients.

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                        ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        How do you know your bank information was compromised by the Adobe hack?


                        Have you ever used your debit card at a restaurant or bar or hotel, especially one out of town?


                        If the only Adobe transaction you've performed with your debit card was your CC subscription that I doubt that was even involved in the hack, only your Adobe ID from the main Adobe.com site.


                        My debit card was involved in the hack because I'd used it to purchase PS-CS6 earlier in the year.

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                          jfalsken Level 1

                          Notified by Adobe that both accounts were hacked. No Restaurant, bars or out of town purchases and one single card, that never left my possession. No one has been ever given pin code. Purchases were made in places that would have required a physical card, not just the number and a pin code. By gaining Adobe account information the hacker was able to download all payment information and my address, Then was able to steal identity. No other company, that I do business with has been hacked. All Purchases were made in another state and in the same town. So, the encryption Adobe had on the payment information was decrypted and used. I have never been in the city this information was used nor have I ever granted anyone access to make purchases. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. The facts are, my accounts were hacked and information was used to make several purchases. Adobe wasn’t very honest in informing Customers as to the real extent of the hacking. I was informed only my Adobe Account password was taken. I was to change my password and everything would be fine. Which, I did the same day of receiving e-mail notice. Two weeks later and well after my payment information was used, did I receive notice that my payment information was also taken. Too late to stop the fraud from happening. I am into my third password change request by Adobe and a threat of post payment information or lose all programs. It was I who had to inform Adobe about the payment information being used to make purchases, right after I got off the phone with the bank. This criminal had 3-7 days of time to drain my accounts at the bank. Due to the method of purchases being posted in one’s accounts. Plus add in across state lines and you can add more time to not getting caught. adobe response was oh well give us your new account information. Not a single word of prevention or security increases. Looking at the fact, there have been three requests to change passwords. I would be safe in saying this hacker is still in the system.

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                            jfalsken Level 1

                            In my case, Adobe has swept the matter under the rug. The hacker did in fact steal my payment information along with my Adobe ID, Address, and phone number. Then used that information to create a card and make several purchases. Very hard to be in two places at the same time, so there is no way I could be sitting at home while in Tx. If the hacker wasn’t still accessing the Adobe system then why the e-mails for three separate password changes? Clearly This hacker is still stealing account information and using it. My Bank Rep told me, I wasn’t alone in having illegal purchases that were connected to the Hacking of Adobe. What I do not understand is why Adobe is unwilling to address the payment system and allow those of us who have been attacked a better option or provide us with a better measure of security, so we can be safe. With Adobe not informing the Customer as to the true extent of the hack and allowing us to take steps to insure our accounts were kept safe. Adobe is guilty as much if not more so, than this hacker! The facts remain my account was hacked and information was taken, also illegal purchases were made. As to the who, what, when, where, and why, I cannot provide that. I can say in all honesty, that my payment information was used without my knowledge and my Adobe account was hacked. Adobe has not lifted a finger other than to say give us your new account information or we will turn off your access to our programs. Changing password did nothing to protect my Adobe Account, because this hacker didn’t go through my account. They used a back door to access everyone's account and steal the data they wanted.So the risk of doing business with Adobe is still there and Adobe hasn’t done anything to insure security or protect Customers who have reported illegal activity of their bank accounts. The storing of any payment information on the Adobe site is subject to theft, because nothing is 100% hacker proof. For those who think no harm was done they are fools, because this drives up the cost of doing banking and the banks are just going to pass that added cost on to us. Having one’s account frozen for 14 days and all the hours of just trying to deal with this problem, just because Adobe became complaint in their security measures and failed to report the real damage to Customers Payment information. Adobe is and was more interested in protecting their self image, than offering any real help to those of us that were effected. As Customers all we can do is insure that we install the latest updates and have some virus protection installed. We dump all cookies after each on-line purchase and never visit spam mail addresses. I spent 9 hours yesterday trying to change out payment information. Adobe chat dropped the first connection, the Rep never came back or called. The second attempt ended with the Rep saying, I must call in to Adobe. Today, I am still waiting on the phone after an hour. Really stinks from where I sit, no Security, no Customer Support, no honest reports on Hacking of accounts. Yeah, Adobe dropped the ball on this one.

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                              jfalsken Level 1

                              After 1 hour and 30 minutes on the phone to Adobe Customer Service, they Hung up before ever talking to me! Now, that is service ! NOT!