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    How to curve text?

    Kar209 Level 1

      hello:                                                                             Windows 8 64bit, Ps CC



      can someone help me with figuring out how to curve text so that it looks like the one in the bottom of this picture?


      CMA-300x163.png i want to remake this image but i cannot figure out how to make the same curve of the words: MEDICAL ASSOCIATION


      i have tried creating a Path with half of a similar oval and then used the Type on a Path tool and i have tried using the Pen to draw a Path but it looks aweful and of course i hae tried the Warped Text tool but the only option for what i need is the Arc Lower which doesn't give the result i need no matter how i adjust the tool.


      please tell me there is a as simple way to create the slight curve i need for the Medical Association as i found for making the word: Complementary. it doesn't seem logical to me that it should be so difficult. and so i am assuming that i must just be missing something.


      please ... i've tried all i know and so if you can help me out i would greatly appreciate it


      okay, heading back to the FAQ's and manual. thank you for your time!!