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    Unable to install Flash Player Yet Again


      Adobe Flash Player 11 (Version 11.9.900.152)

      Safari Version 7.0 (9537.71)

      OS X 10.9


      Error: Unable to proceed with the installation (no more specifics given)


      Used your uninstall tool to remove Adobe (but there was no panel in the Systems Preferences pane in the first place to show that it wasinstalled already). Restarted several times. Still get the same install error.


      Had this same problem 3 or 4 months ago, but that was fixed by the uininstall tool.


      Advice appreciated. Thanks!

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          Mike M Level 6

          Try this. Whatever ISN'T there, naturally you won't have to delete.

          Do a "clean install".

          Download the "offline installer": Flash Player (Mac OS X)

          Save it - DON'T run it yet.

          Spotlight Search "Flash Player.plugin". Search your Mac HD. Trash EVERYTHING that appears in the results.

          Go to [user]/Library/Preferences. (Hold the "Option" key and click "Go" from the Finder menu to access your [user] Library folder.)

          Trash the Macromedia folder (The WHOLE folder).

          Go to Mac HD/Library/Internet Plugins.

          Trash the flashplayer.xpt file.

          Go to: Mac HD/Library/Application Support.

          Trash the Macromedia folder (The WHOLE folder).

          Empty the trash.

          Make sure ALL browsers are fully quit. Press Cmd+Opt+Esc to open the Force Quit window if necessary, to be sure they are no longer running)

          Mount the DMG and run the installer to reinstall Flash Player.