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    My background flickers when exporting mpeg2


      I had to have help figuring this out in elements now I am having trouble with pro. My background is my bookcase and I am having trouble with the books being jittery when exporting. In elements I was able to overcome this by selecting HDTV 1080p 29.7 high quality and then changing the settings to 720x 480. A 5min video will export in like 3 min and be about 400 meg. I tried using these same settings in pro and it doubled the file size took about 12 min and still my books we jittery and the text in my tittles were not real clear. I have tried changing the vbr to 2 passes, selecting render at maximum depth, use maximum render quality and use frame. Lending. I have tried. H.264, mpg2 to DVD, and even avi but I cannot get anywhere close to a 400 meg file or get rid of the jittering of my books in the background. Any ideas?