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    update suggestion


      i run 2 different browsers on my pc cuz my gf and i have different preferences. it would be nice if the flash player updater would automatically update both browsers but on windows 8 it seems to only update my Internet Explorer. I run the unbranded chrome, aka chromium and even after the auto update i always have to manually update the chromium plugin. if this is not possible i understand and will post on the chromium forums that they include updates for widely used plugins in their updates, seeing as a new build releases every few days it shouldnt be too problematic, and im sure 99% of chromium users use flash, so i doubt there would be any complaints.

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          pwillener Level 8

          On Windows 8, Internet Explorer's Flash Player is updated by Windows Update, not by Flash Player itself.


          Google Chrome is updated by itself, again not by the Flash Player updater.

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            Mike M Level 6

            Adding to what Pat said, for Windows, there are THREE different versions of Flash Player

            1. Flash Player ActiveX Plugin (For Internet Explorer ONLY - in Windows 8, updated ONLY through Windows Update)

            2. Flash Player (for other browsers - like Firefox, Opera or Safari) - updates via the Global Settings manager or directly from this site.

            3. "PepperFlash" (Proprietary build for Google Chrome - embedded and maintained by Google - updates by updating the browser)


            Yes, it'd be great if there was just one Flash Player plugin for everything, but Microsoft and Google have to play by their own rules, and until the boys in Redmond, WA let go of the 20 year old ActiveX controls they developed for Winodw 3.1, which they still use today... that version isn't going away.  Google wants to become the next Windows, and it's highly unlikely they'll give up their proprietary version either, so we're stuck with three updates every time a new Flash Player is released.