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    Coldfusion 8 and Flex 2

      I am new to Coldfusion, but I have been using Flex 2 with .Net. I am looking to
      try out Coldfusion 8. I have downloaded and installed the full blown developer
      edition and configured the server. It is running at

      Within the Adobe Coldfusion Administrator site under Flex Integration. I checked
      the "Enable Remote Adobe LifeCycle Data Management access" and added the local IP
      address of

      I started a new Flex 2 project and chose Flex Data Services because I read that
      is now integrated with Coldfusion 8. The next screen asks for a root folder and
      it must contain WEB-INF/flex. So I browsed out to
      c:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\flex and tried to validate the path but it keeps
      saying "Invalid server root. Server root must contain a WEB-INF/flex folder."

      So I need some help because I can't even start a project. Once again, I am very
      new to Condfusion 8 and any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael