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    Form gone!


      My form has disappeared.  I went to log in and was told my password was incorrect so I reset it.  My login remains the same.  Once in, I saw my form was not there.  I have had several responses to the form and need to get it back.  I have the link to the form itself if that helps.  Thanks for your help.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Try using another email address to sign in, the cause for this is almost always that the user has multiple FormsCentral (AdobeID) accounts and is signing into a different account.


          One more possibility is that the form was shared with you and the author has removed the share.  Forms are not deleted from your account unless you explicitely delete them.


          If you are certain the account/email address is correct and the form was not shared with you, do you have a URL to the form you can email to me to look into it?  jcorey@adobe.com




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            IOEStaffDev Level 1

            That's it.  Thanks Josh, I had used another username to open this account and create the form.  I misread the email reply sent by Adobe as I'd copied it into my other email inbox and then forgot I'd used a different username.  Suffice to say it works now - thanks very much.  I just feel a little sheepish now...



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Great, glad it is resolved.  Don't feel bad, the reason I mentioned the solution is that it happens often.