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    InDesign using loads of hard drive memory to export PDF

    jamessk12 Level 1

      Hello All, I'm having great difficultly exporting a brochure in InDesign, I'm exporting to PDF (Print).


      When I start the export I have around 40GB free on my hard drive, I am exporting from an external hard drive to the same hard drive, I'm not exporting it to my local drive but InDesign still seems to be using a lot of my local hard drive memory to export the file into PDF.


      It's also taking around 2-4 hours to export.


      It is a furniture brochure of about 80pp, when I done last years brochure I cannot remember having this issue so I'm wondering if it's something that's only happening in CC. It's very strange because the InDesign file itself is only 154 MB.


      Can anyone enlighten me on why this is happening and any advice is greatly appreciated to get this exporting without using all my memory..?