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    Flex 2 Cost and Setup Questions

      We are looking at creating Flex apps in our department. In terms of licensing, cost and setup, what are things that we should be aware of as listed below?

      1. Do we need to worry about licensing costs per server?
      2. What exactly will be installed on the server? Can it co-exist on the same server that runs Coldfusion or is it better to have this run separarely
      3. Is the Live Cycle data services a requirement.
      4. Are there separate licenses required for developers?

      Thanks for your help on this. If there are any other things we ought to consider, we'd appreciate your feedback.

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          where i work we have flex builder licenses for each developer (about $750 i think?) with charting ( about $250? ) and that's it.

          the flex data services licenses are not required to run. we built our own binary communication protocol, tho i understand this week an adobe released an open source AMF library. we communicate thru java servlets in a tomcat instance.

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            ntsiii Level 3
            My 2cents:
            1.) No, no server installation is required to run Flex. It might be required for business logic tier, but not for a Flex app itself.
            2) Nothing is required on the server. See #1.
            3) LCDS is not required. You can use the RPC protocols to communicate with a server-side functionality.
            4) Flex is open source and the SDK is free. You can buy Flex Builder, an IDE, if you want, but you can also use any editor.