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    On release previous frame


      Hello. I am currently using Flash Professional CS6 to build a product. I am also using Windows 7 as operating system.

      The problem I am currently facing is developing a simple gallery in ActionScript 2 with a right and left buttons. I have managed to complete all this, but I am struggling to understand what code to use. I have made it in the way so each image is a button symbol, an inside, there is a movie clip on the "Down" state, which contains classic tween. This classic tween contains 15 frames, in which the image enlarges and there is a black see-through background appearing in separate layer. I have inserted "Stop" commands in two places: in the actual gallery, to stop images changing continously, and in the 15th Frame of the Classic tween.

      The outcome is this: the use navigates between images in the gallery, and if needed to enlarge, the user clicks and holds on image. When the mouse button is released, the image goes back to the initial, small image, "Up" State of a button.

      Finally, I would like to use a code so when the user releases the mouse button, the tween does not go back to "Up" State, but it firstly goes back to frame 1 throughout all the 15 frames of the "Down" State and then goes back to the "Up" State. By this I mean, I want it to go back the way it enlarged-smoothly.

      If anyone could give me advice on where to insert which command, I would be really grateful.