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    Installing Flash Builder 4.6


      I have a license of Adobe Flash Builder 4.0 , serial number


      I downloaded the version of Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 trial for evaluation, but though unable to install , an error was reported , requesting that downloaded the Adobe Support Advisor app to detect possible errors .


      The procedure was done , I installed the Adobe Support Advisor app and ran , it informed me that there was no error in the system , yet again try to install the Flesh Builder 4.6 the same message appeared interrupting the installation .


      How had uninstalled my version of Flash Builder 4.0, resumed its installation and the same error was reported and no longer able to install my license of Flash Builder 4.0


      Please what is happening ? , Need to reinstall my version to continue the development work already underway .


      What should I do ?

      How can I get the license of Adobe Flesh Builder 4.6 ? if I can not install the application ?


      Grateful for your attention .


      Jose Vieira