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    How to maintain hyperlinks/text anchors?


      I have several files in which the first page is an index of countries and US states.


      The following pages are lists of addresses within those countries and states--three columns on each page. I will need to update the addresses periodically (adding and deleting addresses), which will cause the lists to reflow. Using hyperlinks/text anchors, I am linking the country/state on the index page to the heading for that country/state's listing of addresses within the body of the file.


      Already, I have found that when I make adjustments to the list, the text anchor/hyperlinks sometimes deactivate/get separated from the hyperlink/text anchor destination. The clearest example of this that I can provide is when a heading in the list moves from the bottom of one column to the top of the next column (such as when addresses are added earlier in the file, pushing that country/state further down in the list), the hyperlink from the index will go to the bottom of that preceding column rather than to the top of the column where the header actually is.


      In other seemingly random and very few cases, a hyperlink/text anchor will completely disappear and need to be recreated after the file is edited. This latter situation potentially would mean that each time a file is edited, all 100-200 hyperlinks in the file would need to be checked manually for continued validity.


      Am I missing some key step in the creation of the hyperlink/text anchors to ensure they work through edits to the file. And/or is there an easy way to verify all of them after the file is edited?