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    Calculate stall time during HTTPNetStream.seek()

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      I am trying to calculate the time taken for a HDS stream to seek from point A to B. So far I have been calculating it using org.osmf.events::MediaPlayerStateChangeEvent, the state changes to buffering as soon as seek commences and changes to playing when the seek is finished and playback resumes. I am quite not sure if this is accurate because the player seems to have a much smaller stall time (visually) when comparing it to the numbers I get from this procedure. My question here is:


      1. Does the flash player continue to play some frames even after this event is fired? Is there any parallelism when seek is executed?


      2. If yes, is there a reliable way to accurately know for how long there has been no video on the screen? rather than calculating it as the time between state changes, can I get the value from a class that renders the images on the screen?