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    Adobe InDesign CS5.5 keeps crashing


      Indesign CS5.5 keeps crashing on me and I'm not sure why, it wasn't a problem before and just a week ago when I upgraded my OS to Mavericks it started to crash. I tried using InDesign CC and it does the same thing as CS5.5...All of my files are running off of a work server, maybe it has something to do with that?


      CS5.5 crash report http://pastebin.com/vnjcimmP


      Thanks All!



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          Peter Spier Legend

          Aside from the fact that you've never installed any of the bug-fix patches for CS5.5, Adobe applications don't like migration or having the OS upgraded. You need to uninstall and reinstall ID (and update to 7.5.3).

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            haraskarp Newcomer

            I've installed the bug-fix patches. Still keeps doing the same thing though. Photoshop and Illustrator seems to work fine as it's always been.

            I’m working directly off of the SMB server and I would get a message saying, “The network connection was lost for the file “”, or the file was modified by another process.”


            I then get the spinny beach and then it says that it’s shutting down. A serious error was detected…

            I'm not sure why it's just InDesign losing connection from the server and not the other applications.

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              Peter Spier Legend

              Your crash report indicates the patches are not installed. But the bigger problem is the update of the OS without reinstalling ID.


              The network connection loss is a somewhat commonly reported error when the Mac goes to sleep with files open.

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                haraskarp Newcomer

                I've uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign and updated.




                This issue seems to be happening only when I am working off the SMB server, anything on my desktop works fine. This is just ruining my workflow as I save all of my work on this server. I do not want to have to drag my files to my desktop and then back to the server...



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                  BobLevine Legend

                  That's not a crash. It's a hang.


                  Sounds like you need to talk to IT about this.

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                    haraskarp Newcomer

                    Was of no help. He told me to do a clean install of the os and I reinstalled and updated the creative suite. Still doing the same thing.



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                      Hi, I see that you're on Mac so not sure if this applies but it may be helpful to others with a similar problem that land up here - I discovered in (Win 7 & 8 I assume) that if you go into your network adapter settings and click 'Configure' then go to the 'Power Management' menu there is an option to 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'. I unchecked this and now no more crashing with the network connection lost error. Not sure it will work for everyone but might be the solution for some.

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                        rowstar Newcomer

                        I have just done the update to CC from the cloud and it's like….worse than before…. i can hardly have my indesign open without it crashing with this same " network connection lost…fatal error" message.

                        I'm working directly off my iMac hard drive there is no network!

                        Little things trigger it quite quickly after opening any document………. zooming in……scrolling through multiple pages……..not god damn manually saving every 30sec…!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

                        I can't get a thing done in this program!! I tried reinstalling etc….I'm on the latest mac with latest software…..and there is no solution. Great.