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    inDesign CC slows down significantly upon placing a Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 file

    Daniel Swanson Level 1

      I'm running the latest Mavericks OS on a brand new iMac 27" 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 computer with 32 GB RAM. The slowdown occurs even if ID is the only app running.


      The Word files consist mainly of text which are typically book maunscripts. It doesn't seem to matter whether the files are large or small. They all cause ID to slow down. We want to import the Word files so as to preserve mainly any italics.


      Once the ID document contains a placed MS Word file, the slows are apparent mainly in:


      Selecting a text box: 20-30 sec lag waiting for the beachball until it selects

      Clicking to place the insertion mark: an additional 20-30 sec

      Placing an image file: 20-30 sec for the import dialog to appear, 20-30 sec after the open button is clicked for the selected image to appear on the page


      We've tried uninstalling ID CC via the script in the app folder.


      We've also completely uninstalled MS Word follow MS's instructions, and reinstalling Word.


      We've cleaned up our fonts with Extensis' Font Doctor.


      We've deleted fonts we don't use.


      One of the main reasons for buying the new iMac was to hopefully benefit from the enhanced processing power, additional RAM, and clean installs of the software.


      What else can we try?


      Page layout for books using ID CC with Word is the bulk of our work and we need to resolve this matter ASAP.