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    "ColdFusion is undefined" js err -- not a /CFIDE mapping issue

    freakyAndFree Level 1
      I've seen the "ColdFusion is undefined" problem mentioned a number of times, but it seems that the solution is invariably a missing /CFIDE mapping on the web server. I'm experiencing this problem myself, but the source of the problem is confounding me. I've got a page with a cfgrid in it, and the first time I hit the page, it displays just fine. When I go to another page, then come back to the page with the CFGRID, an empty container displays and I get the "ColdFusion is undefined" javascript error. I've tried incorporating the cfajaximport tag, I've tried creating a new mapping and using scriptsrc attributes, and nothing I do will make that grid reappear short of restarting the CF service. After a restart, it appears once. Go away and come back -- nada. Ideas?