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    Actionscript - Call function from string (callback)

    iceboxqs Level 1
      Hopefully this is simple.

      I have a function that has a string passed into it. The string is the name of the function I will need to call a little later on.
      If I have a string that is named after a function how do I use it to call that function?


      public function someFunction(functionName:String):void
      //do whatever

      //at this point I need to somehow call the function that is held in the string functionName

      functionName() //obviously this doesn't work, what needs to happen here?
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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
          If you have access to an instance of the class that the function is part of, you can do the following:

          public function someFunction(fnName:String, inst:Object):void
          var fn:Function = inst[fnName];

          If you don't want to deal with functions associated with an object, you can just pass around standalone anonymous functions:

          public function someFunction2(fn:Function) {
          someFunction2( function():void {
          } );

          Hope that helps!

          - Peter