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    Flash Player Installer (not installing)


      Could have sworn that I had and was using Flash Player before. Now no sign of it on my system. However, when I try to install (and stop Internet Explorer via task manager) I get one of two messages. The first is "Installation complete" , but this is linked to "failed to launch application". The second or alternative message is that FLash Player installed successfully. In the latter case however, it still does not work and when I then thereafter look for the program I cannot find it on my system. when browsing e.g. You Tube, I thus cannot open any video and instead get the message to install Adobe Flash PLayer. Very Frustrating. PLease help. Louis

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          Mike M Level 6

          Download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller and installer directly by right clicking the following links and selecting "Save target as".

          Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

          Flash Player Uninstaller

          Save the files to your Downloads folder - DO NOT RUN THEM YET.
          Reboot your system.

          BEFORE opening anything, go to your Downloads folder and run the UNINSTALLER to remove Flash Player completely.

          Then run the installer to replace the Flash Player ActiveX Plugin for IE.

          Then, see:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/885448   and: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/867968  to ensure it's enabled and NOT being blocked by ActiveX filtering.

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            adobelouis Level 1

            Hi Mike

            Many, many thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I have tried everything exactly as you directed, but still have no success. I did find that the site I use to test on (Yahoo) was blocked by ActiveX filtering, but had no better result when allowing ActiveX. I also tried allowing ActiveX for all programs on Explorer, but it made no difference.


            When following your steps, I get no video on the first forums site, neither when disabling ActiveX filtering.


            I presently still go through a complete install process, get the Successfully Installed message, but then can neither find the program application, nor will the video in Yahoo play. The latter instead gives me a message to say that Flash Player is required and gives me the option to install it. A full circle!


            I must be missing something (probably staring at it!). Any further ideas?


            I had a trial of C6 running, but have deleted the application to ensure that it was not perhaps the cause.


            Please advise.

            Kind Regards


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              adobelouis Level 1

              HI Mike

              Finally fixed!! By changing browser. After trying everything else on earth. Clearly something in the latest version IE.


              Thank you again for your assistance.