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    Flash or Flex

      We are planning a significant development with the following key characteristics.

      1. User interface: all multimedia bells and whistles (we already accepted flash and flash-lite as the one and only)
      2. Database: SQL (will probably advance to Oracle)
      3. Serverside: super performance with high throughput, handling millions of small to medium size content and transactions (telecoms environment such as SMS, billing etc.)

      We plan to create two primary development teams i.e.
      1. The engineering team (leftbrainers - servers side, database, all the data driven apps, api's etc)
      2. The creative Team (righbrainers - user interface, content development, media creation, all the artsyfarsty stuff)

      Initially our choice came down to Flash using Coldfusion server for serverside back end. (I am a bit concerned about the ultimate performance of CF when processing a few million concurrent sessions/transactions.)
      Lately we were recommended to seriously consider Flex.

      Please shed some light on the following:
      1. The advantages / disadvantages of using flex with/without coldfusion.
      2. When to use flash and when flex development environments.
      3. Would it make sense to have the engineering team focussing on using Flex/db's to create API's that the creative team can incorporate using the flash development environment and action script.

      PSE point me to additional online resources to study and any advice will be appreciated.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Flash is good for small animations, but if you are creating anything at all resembling an "application" Flex is the way to go. Flash has the timeline, and that is bad news for applications. That's one reason why Flex was conceived, to get rid of the Flash timeline. So use Flex and all will be good.