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    Catalog Index


      I am using Indesign CC to create a 1200 page catalog. The data is imported in via an XML document with tagged elements. I am struggling to get the information to show up in the Topics/Reference area of the Index Tab. Is there a way to link the tagged elements of the structure panel with the Index Tab to create an index without having to indivually double-click on each word that I'd like added to the Index. I was told by a colleague of mine that the XML structure in Indesign was only there for layout and linking styles and that it is not used to link information to the Index Tab to help generate an index.

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          i ran into the similar issue. what i'm doing as a work around is to hack the Table of Content functionality to generate an index, and the Index function to generate a table of content. it worked quite well for me, but i only have to deal with a 200 page catalog, not 1200.


          i know it's late, but at least someone else might end up with the same question.