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    Grey Diagonal Bars Over Audio in Timeline CS5


      I've been working on a project for a while, and have run into a very scary problem.  After working, and leaving the program open for some time, I returned to my computer and found that some of the audio tracks had these dark diagnoal bars going across them (as shown below).  The audio wouldn't play back or work at all.  Now, I've looked this up and people seem to have similar problems.  I did move the audio files from my computer's hard drive to an external hard drive, where they remain.  The terrifying part is that when I go to the external hard drive, and look at the original files, they won't open.  They read that they are 00:00 long, however, the MB or information is still shown.  This terrifies me.  When I try and open them in the source monitor, they read that they are only 3 frames long.  I'm wondering if this is some sort of timecode malfunction, as the timecode is messed up.  I've also read that it might mean the original file and the nested file in the timeline do not match.  I really need help with this, as my project is depending on this.



      Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.05.10 PM.png