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    Font used and sizes

    Cinema Level 1

      I would like to have a list of all the font used in the document and their sizes. Is there anyway to do this?

      Either in Illustrator or Acrobat Pro. The document properties only show the name.



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          joshnx Level 1

          As far as I know illustrator doesnt have a package files option like in indesign which packages the fonts aswell, you coud try going to type>find font however I dont think it will give you sizes.

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            CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I wrote a script for this, check it here


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              Cinema Level 1

              Hi Carlos,


              Thank you for reply so quickly. I didn't quite get that to work. Here's the steps that I've tried:

              - I copy your script and put in Illustrator folder -Scripts with the name as "listUsedFontNamesNsizes.jsx"

              - Open up my document and run the script. I got the list tont sizes, and font names below the document, but they were separately. Not on the same line, so I don't know what goes with what. Besides,  the sizes were not quite match the document.


              So, I don't know if I did it right or not.


              I also saw another suggestion from Kurt Gold to save the document to SVC format to get the simple list of how many time the same font was used and the size (as SVC preview). But there isn't any option like this in the save menu.

              May be I can settle for that. I'm on CS6.


              So, how do I do it? Looking forward to any suggestions.