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    Can't get flash player to stay installed.


      I have to download Adobe Flash Player every time I turn my PC on. I go on YouTube and get: “The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback. Get the latest Flash Player”. I click to get it and it’s: Version 11.9.900.152, Your System: Windows 32-bit, English, MSIE. It's Microsoft Vista SP2 and I use Internet Explorer 9.


      I don’t choose the option to install Google Chrome as my default browser and Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. I download, save and install the program. I shut down my computer but have to do it again the next day.


      Looking at my add-ons I have:


      Not Available:

      Name: Shockwave Flash Object, Publisher: Not Available, Status: Enabled


      ActiveX Filtering is unchecked.


      I shouldn’t have to do this every day. I’ve had to do this for a while. I’m not good with computers so please have patience.