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    QT in Shockwave - what's the best compression?

    kar13 Level 1
      I'm creating a project in Director that contains QT video. It will be delivered in Shockwave format via the web. I've been told to use the specs below, but I'm not happy with the playback quality. It gets a bit chunky and pixelated. It's not even fast moving content, either...

      Video: H.264, 320x240 millions, 200Kbits/sec
      Audio: AAC 4:1, mono, 11.025kHz

      I see video all over the web (including Adobe's new home page with Flash video) and the quality looks great! How do I get that?? Is it possible with QT? Are there any other suggestion for QT compression specs?

      Thanks for your help.
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          BSpero Level 1
          H264 will deliver really good quality video. All of Apple's movie previews are done with it, and the new Flash player supports it. The video on Adobe's website is compressed into .FLV format and delivered via Flash, although I am not sure which codec it uses - probably the On2 VP6. What software are you using to compress your video?

          - B
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            kar13 Level 1
            Thanks for responding. I was planning to run a batch through Cleaner; however, I get an error every time I try to use the H264 codec. I haven't been able to figure out why. In the meantime, I've tried using MPEG StreamClip, with lackluster results. I'm waiting to hear from the "powers that be" when I can upgrade to Premiere CS3 (right now I have 5.1) and can't batch through that program. What program do you recommend for this compression process? Does Premiere CS3 allow batching (in a way that doesn't require me to write some convoluted script)?

            What do you think of my compression settings? Is that the reason for the quality degradation? I'm trying to appease a broad range of user bandwidth with 1 video file --- perhaps that's the problem.