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    Ps is Not printing colors correctly and not sharp

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      I'm on a Mac using CS5.5 OS Mavericks (10.9)   and an Epson Stylus NX330 printer.


      I have not been able to print a Ps document with the correct colors since I was using OS 10.6.8

      My blacks show up as a dirty reddish grey, even when I sent the Mode to Grey.  Also the text that I make in Ps it does not print sharp.


      Its been a while and I just avoided printing a Ps document or just dealt with the color issue.  But now I have something important to print.


      Is there a place where I can restore the default setting in Ps.  I'm assuming the problem is within Ps because my word processing documents and Illustrator documents print fine, black is black and the letters are crisp and clean.


      I think that that problem may be in the "Color Management",  "Printer/Photoshop Manages Color" pull down, or "Printer Profile" settings



      Thanks  in advance.