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    InDesign CC - Arabic Language Problem


      1st Problem:

      Downloaded InDesign CC, everything worked great..

      Until, one day.. typing the "." (dot) in Arabic gives me "%"!!!

      Tried to change fonts play with prefrences.. but nothing helps!!


      2nd Problem:

      Since I have InDesign CC, when writing numbers in arabic all I get is boxes, while switching to English types numbers as it's supposed to be..


      Did you try changing font? - YES, same problem

      Was it like that on InDesign CS4? - NO

      Did you change anything since the upgrade? - NO, everything is the same even same document


      Did you try to open a new document? - YES, same problem

      Was the problem from the beginning?     - 1st problem: NO!!:| it worked great but in one night the dot dissapeared!.
                                                                            - 2nd problem: YES


      Searched everywhere couldn't find an answer..