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    Illustrator CS5 and Cutting Master 2 (Craft Robo V1.94) plugin


      I have a problem with Illustrator CS5 and a Cutting Master 2 (Craft Robo V1.94) Plugin for a Graphtec Craft Robo Pro vinyl cutter.


      When trying to plot from Illustrator the dialogbox that normally appears does not show and after sometime I get a message Cutting Master 2 timeout.

      Until this appears, Illustrator is Unresponsive.


      I have tried to uninstall the plugin, restart my PC (windows 7 - 64 bit) and reinstall the plugin without success.


      It has been working earlier, the problem recently appeared - any suggestions on how to overcome this very annoying problem?





      Message was edited by:Skilteskoven.  I have now been investigating the problem further, and it seems that an automatic update of windows (I have disabled that feature now!!) - Internet Explorer 11 for windows 7 is causing the problem. I have tried on two different PC, one windows 7, 32 bit and the other windows 7, 64 bit. On both PC the problem as described above occurs when Internet Explorer is installed - anyone who could give me a suggestion on what is going on? How can IE11 cause a plugin in Illustrator to stop working?