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    RoboHelp Server 6 - Exclude Docs in Search

      One of my clients recently upgraded to RoboHelp 6 (both client app and server). In the previous version, the search results were valid. Now with 6, when someone does a search it returns all the external files (pdf, doc, xls, etc.) first and then the html files and the validity of the search is very poor. The search result list is just not relevant to the search request.

      Can someone let me know how I exclude PDF, .xls, .doc files that are in my project from appearing in the search? These files are all part of the project and are published as part of the project.

      Also, how can I adjust the search result relevancy with Server 6? I really appreciate any information you can provide!

      p.s. I also posted this question to the RoboEngine forum