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    Access Index in Merged Projects

      I'm merging several projects. I've compiled the master project and all child projects as both Webhelp and Webhelp Pro. Either way, I cannot access the index for any of the child projects after I publish the master project.

      Would I be able to do this with Roboengine? Does it solve the Index problem? If so, do I need a separate software license for the development, test and live servers?

      Otherwise, what do I do to display the index for ALL child projects from the master project?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          First, unless you have RoboEngine, forget WebHelp Pro. It only works on a server with that installed.

          Second, the types are nothing to do with your index problem. If you have merged your help correctly, then on opening the parent help, you should see the topics, TOC and index for all the projects.

          There's a topic on my site about merging webhelp. Take a look at that.

          Are you seeing the TOCs for the child projects? That will be a clue. You are creating the TOC in each child, not using the parent TOC to point to the child topics?