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    Forms Central Plus - Renewal problem - Renewed, but account still inactive (restricted)


      I renewed an expired FormCentral Plus subscription, my bank account has been charged 107 € already, but the service is still restricted to free account level service.


      Checked at MyAdobe, it already recorded the renewal ››› ( .... nex billing Nov 26, 2014).

      When I click to "Manage" under "My products and services", the following message appears: »»»»» ( ... Adobe FormsCentral Plus Service (€ 107.88 Annual) | Processing    )

      For more than two hours and still processing.

      But when I switch to My Orders, it is still empty. ›››› ( .... We found no orders placed within the past 30 days.)


      (Note: shortly after Adobe lost millions of user accounts and credit card details, I was forced replace my credit card. I also updated my new data before renewal.)