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    Anchor a Sidebar

    tmkister Level 1

      I would like to anchor a sidebar (a text box in the margin outside the main text box) to text in the main text box. However, when I select the text box, then select Object > Anchored Object, all of the options are grayed out. It is actually a text box with an icon, and I'd like to anchor both together. I tried grouping them, but the Anchored Object Options are still grayed out.


      The sidebar is on a different layer than the main text box, but when I tried with them on the same layer, that didn't work either. And, strangely, the anchor character is visible next to the sidebar text box.


      Is it possible to anchor a text box to text in another text box? If so, how? If it is currently anchored, what is it anchored to and how can I change it?


      Thank you!


      InDesign CS6, 8.0.1, Windows 7


      Anchor Sidebar.png