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    Force a Data Grid item to update style

    Max Frigge
      Hey there,

      i found some nice examples for an itemRenderer in Alex's blog .
      I tried to use one of them for an app i am developing.
      In my case i need the item's style to change when i select it, but you can only see the changes, after selecting another item. How can i force the item to update its style immediately?

      Here is an example with ViewSource enabled.

      Cheers, Max
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          Max Frigge Level 1

          so I could almost fix it myself.. took me a long time though. There's only one little thing and hopefully some more experienced coder can help me out. The example posted below works fine until you sort the dataGrid by one of its columns.

          Here is the example with ViewSource again.

          Anyway. How come that it is such a big deal to achieve something like this?! I guess I would have been quicker, if I had done the whole dataGrid thing in Flash by myself. What strategies do you guys out there use to solve issues like that?!? I mean how do get a picture of how a component works in its details?!

          Cheers, Max