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      Is it possible to create a custom selection so elements with a specific fill and stroke within a placed eps can be selected?


      When initially placed the fill and stroke are not defined as a "style" so cannot use select "style".

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          See the magic wand tool or the Select menu

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            The EPS has to be embedded, otherwise you can not select any object inside the EPS.

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              MichaelTzu Level 1

              Thank you for responses. I understand the use of the wand tool for selection. I am using a template, placing an image, and at this stage I am trying to create an action to select certain elements with specific attributes - but these specific attributes, which  have already been defined as a style and are identical to the attributes on wihci I wish to make the selection have not at this stage been assigned to the elements I wish to select.


              E.g. I want to select all elements with white fill and zero line weight and I have a style defined as such. But until I assign that style to the elements I am wishing to select I cannot select them except manually.


              The issue is that each new eps that will be placed in the template will be different so I cannot figure out how to select without human intervention and I am trying to automate this process.


              I can make selections manually no problem but how to do it as an automatic step I cannot figure out. I cannot select a style as the style in question has not yet been assigned to anything within the placed eps.


              Maybe there is not a way to automate this but hopefully there may be.


              Any further thoughts?


              Thank you for responding.


              Kind regards



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                Kurt Gold Adobe Community Professional

                Which version of Illustrator are you using?

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                  PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                  You can select a bunch of objects with an action if you take these objects and give them an attribute name. Select the objects, and in the attributes panel enter a name in the text field at the bottom of this panel. In the Action you create you can invoke the Select Objects in the Actions Panel flyout menu and use the name you gave the object selection in the attributes panel to select these object automagiclly.

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                    Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                    While working in Illy, you can Select>Same>Fill & Stroke and then Select>Save Selection, if that is any help.

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                      MichaelTzu Level 1

                      Old CS2 on aging Mac PPC Kurt. Can upgrade to latest illustrator as have 2011 Mini's but since minimal use of illustrator (unless I can solve this issue) holding fire till I sort this.

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                        MichaelTzu Level 1

                        Have tried this but does not carry across, i.e. The "Selection" only applies to current open document. Even if I save as a template, when I next open and place an eps the Select defined "Selection" does not work.


                        But thanks for suggestion.



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                          Kurt Gold Adobe Community Professional

                          As Prepress already mentioned this can be done with an action.


                          The crux is how your files are built in detail. You often have to first carefully inspect an adequate sample file in order to develop the right action steps …

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                            MichaelTzu Level 1

                            Am investigating and think this might sort this issue. Will report back.


                            Many thanks



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                              MichaelTzu Level 1

                              Thank you to everyone who made suggestions. This is how I did it.


                              Template includes styles and objects with predefined stroke and fill but no style with individual attribute names.


                              Eps is placed containing predefined stroke and fill as per objects, selection on attribute and then selection on same stroke/style, then defined style can be applied.


                              Once all styles applied do a final selection based on attribute name and delete the 2 initial objects. Voila!


                              Many thanks to all.