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    CF9 Forms Authentication


      Is it possible to set up a 2013 server running IIS and cold fusion 9 to do "Forms Authentication" and set the cgi variables,  primary all we just need is the cgi.AUTH_USER , we can not use web auth to do this for this project , the users we are authenticating are not on out network but only exists in a sql database and a juniper ras server,  second thought is there a way to set the cgi variable. 


      just to explain further we have two servers one server is internal to our network which we do use WEB Auth. the other server is for some users outside of our company so beeing that they have no ntlogin we cant validate them.


      to get the users in we have to turn on web auth on the box and add a local user to the box, the problem is if this box goes down we lose the users , we want to have the users off this box, we cant add the users to Active directory because it is a security risk.


      Thanks in advance for any advice or solution,


      Brad B