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    PDF Creation gets slower and slower

    Riccardo Giaconia Level 1

      I have designed a simple process to create PDFs from XML files. The problem is the PDF creation gets slower and slower over time.

      The process is designed like this:

      1) loop on a source XML directory (it contains 3000 XMLs),

      2) read (using Read Document activity) the n-th XML file,

      3) run a subprocess that creates a PDF (using generatePDFOutput activity) and save it to the filesystem,

      4) and so on for every XML inside the source directory.



      The main process inputs are:

      1) source XML directory path (e.g. C:\my_xmls)

      2) destination PDF directory path (e.g. C:\my_pdfs).



      At the end of the process I get these results:

      1) first 1000 PDFs created in about 8-10 minutes

      2) second 1000 PDFs created in about 12-15 minutes

      3) last 1000 PDFs created in about 20-25 minutes



      I cannot use Watched Folders for several reasons but above all:

      1) every 500 PDFs the process sends an email,

      2) the source XML directory path may change over time.



      Why do the process gets slower and slower?

      I use LiveCycle ES 3.