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    Print date saved to batch pdfs?

    Precise Formwork Level 1

      I'm using Acrobat Pro 10 and I've watched this tutorial many times http:// and entered this code under 'document will print' in the javascript toolbar.


      This code works well, however I often have batch pdfs which contain many pages. I need to alter its specs slightly to:


      1: Print the date the file was saved (not the date the file was printed);


      2: Create a form box on every page as I have done but with a script as would not be possible for the amount of pages I receive.


      This discussions seems similar and I have added this into the javascript though it has only worked on page 1 and I don't think if it was working it would create a box somewhere else; and on all the pages.


      Greatful of any advice. Sometimes I receive lots of seperate drawings in one folder (pdfs). If I am lucky enough to find help on this; how would I adapt further to accomodate to this?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Since the form could be saved in the batch processing will the form be saved before or after the field is added.


          If the pages are of different sizes, then you need to compute the location of the fields based on the page size.


          If you do not want to use the form field, then how are you going to have a comment or watermark that updates whent he form is opened?

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            Precise Formwork Level 1

            Hi GK, I am an absolute beginner so very greatful of your advice.


            They are Architectural and Structural Engineer drawings and they will mostly be the same size (A3 - originally A1 but A3 for my printer is sufficient usually).


            When we say 'batch processing' I mean I receive pdfs with lots pages. Sometimes I receive lots of different pdfs in a folder. I hope I have not misused 'batch processing'.


            I'm not sure the best way to handle it and hopefully you can advise. The Architects create these drawings e.g. 1/11/13. We sometimes receive them two weeks later (15/11/13) via email.

            Ideally I would like to used the date we receive them via email, then I can put that data on the form. Though this tutorial is the first I have seen and currently only just starting to learn functions in Javascript via codeacademy; so I'm basically a Monkey in comparisson to someone like yourself .



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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I would look at using a dynamic stamp, a stamp with one or more fields that is computed when the stamp is applied and then locked.


              A "Received" stamp could be crated that has the date the PDF was opened and stamped as received.


              The stamp will not print unless the option of what to print is set to include markups and annotations. One could also flatten the stamped PDF so the "Received" stamp is no longer a stamp but part of the PDF content.