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    How to populate a text box with the user's response to questions on LiveCycle form?


      Need help with LiveCycle Form I have created.  I'm trying to populate a text box on a master page with responses from questions at the beginning of the form. 


      I have a drop down that allows the user to choose their organization name from the list.  I want the user choice from this list to populate the text box that is on a master page.  However, if the user chooses "not listed" from the drop down, I want their response to the next question to populate the master page text box.


      I figured out how to do the 1/2 half by giving the text box the same name as my drop down object, but I need to be able to do both, so if the user does not find thename of their org. they can add it.


      Also, I freely admit I have very little scripting knowledge.


      Thanks in advance!