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    Maverick, CS6 and CC...: where is the real difference?

    camilo umaña

      After using ID CC on Maverick the situation is calamitous.


      Menus are reacting very slow, tagging text is a disaster, copy paste from one document to another, etc.

      Moving things also. Working with tables is painful.

      Trashing preferences seemed the solution but gradually ID is getting slow and heavy and tired.

      But opening the same document in CS6 is absolutely perfect. Fast, fluid, as always. 

      Think definitively is not a HD or Maverick problem.


      Trashed ID CC preferences (manual as suggested in the main thread), mounted new Java, closed the font manager, etc.

      Login as another user, repaired preferences.


      It has to be a reason behind this problem in CC.


      A help will be very nice before coming back to format disk and reinstall old system that seems nonsense as Maverick solved many problems with Internet connection.


      I posted here as a new thread, instead of doing it in the large thread already opened, as this Maverick affaire is losing audience and could not see a thread showing this clear difference.