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    HTML relationship w/CSS

    parker lambert Community Member

      Trying to understand the relationship between HTML and CSS versions, and get the terminology straight...


      1. When creating the .css files for Fluid Grid Layouts in DW CS6, would it be correct to say that Dreamweaver  is creating a CSS3 file? (Or just a CSS file that supports media queries?)


      2. What version of HTML, if it matters, must one use to support media queries (HTML5?)



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          Rik Ramsay Community Member

          1. DW is creating a CSS file. Media queries are CSS3 but when you create a stylesheet it will be a mix of CSS1, 2 and 3.


          2. HTML5. There is no reason anymore to use HTML4 (other than HTML email) so why go backwards? However, some media queries will work in HTML4.