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    How to make a .jpeg LARGER in file size for gift card? Please help

    makaiman1021 Level 1

      I have a client who wants to load their logo on to a gift card, http://www.makaiman.com/LVCLDecal.zip.


      My client wants to simply take this image and upload the image on to a "gift card" for her clients or people who work for her, but the criteria in a .jpeg format being that "heavy" in file size I am not sure how to do. Can anyone help as it is somewhat urgent lol.


      Here's the criteria for putting their logo on to an Albertson's Gift Card. I hope someone can help. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




      Upload Your Image

      1. Click on browse to select the image you wish to use for your gift card.
        Tips for uploading..
      • We support JPEG, BMP or GIF. However, we do not support animated GIF files or files with transparency. Transparent areas will be printed white.
      • For the best image quality, please use the following recommendation; Smaller file size/dimension/resolution may produce "fuzzy" images when printed.
      • Use the largest file possible up to 4.5MB.
      • Use minimum image resolution: 96 dpi
      • Use minimum image dimensions: Width: 243 pixels, Height: 204 pixels
      • Use images that are appropriate and avoid ANY copyrighted images.
      1. Click “Upload Selected Image” once you have chosen your image.

      (File sizes greater than 4.5MB will not be accepted.) Select Image:

      Please select a file to upload. Only jpg, bmp or gif files are allowed! Only jpg, bmp or gif files are allowed!