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    Anyone having Premiere Pro CS6 issues with OS X Mavericks?


      Hello Macbook Pro Retina friends, photographers, and video editors



      Since I installed OS X Maverick, I have the following issues with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6:

      Why in **** did I update my Apple OS before waiting 6 months ;-)



      - browser window appears for a split second, then disapears when importing new files.

      - browser window sometimes shows all items greyed out when trying to import files.

      - cannot "Link Media" by example multiple TIFF and one EDL file for subtitles. 1st time menu appears a split second then disapears, then on subsequent tries all is greyed out.




      I have a mid 2012 Macbook PRo Retina with SSD @ 50% capacity. All else is extremely fast.

      All my Adobe Master Collection CS6 is up to date.


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