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    Photoshop Text Tool


      I recently downloaded Photoshop from the Cloud.  When I try to use the text tool the whole canvas turns black.  I can turn it back on by toggling the eye open and shut on the layer but when I try to write text again the screen turns black again and soon as I click the image.  Any suggestions?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Mary.  It could be that the text is way too big for the image size.  I like to set Preferences > Units and rulers so that Type is set to mm (or inches) instead of the default Points.  That way, if I know the image size is say 10x8, and I set a type layer at 2, I know I can expect the type to be 25% the height of the image.


          But it could also be a video card driver issue.  Especially - it would seem - if you are using Windows 8. 


          So create a new image document, and make something like 1500 x 1000 pixels, and try the type tool again.  That should give you plenty of room.  If you still have a problem, tell us what your system is, including operating system version.

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            MarySlumpff Level 1

            The text size was not the problem. My system specs are here.




            Dell Inspiron


            Intel Celeron CPU B820 170GHz


            Installed RAM 4.00 GB


            64 bit operating system x 64 bit processor


            Windows 8.1







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