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    How I choose a specific font?

    Motion0w22 Level 1

      I have only just started using Edge on occasion so don't berate me if this is really obvious but how do I choose a specific font to use?


      When I add a font it lists it as a font family e.g. "Georgia, Times New Roman, serif" and it automatically sets it to a specific font and I can't select the font I want. This is also an issue with web fonts where it uses the system font rather than my custom web font. I'm trying to use a cursive type of font. I had the same issue when using Dreamweaver but Photoshop does not work this way.


      What do I do? Thanks

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          AMULI Level 4

          Hi MotionOw22,


          Once you've added a web font (last item in the fonts menu, or + button to its right), it appears in the Fonts section of your Library (here Quattrocento Sans) :


          Capture d’écran 2013-11-27 à 14.27.53.png

          Then, you can apply this font to any text element by selecting this new item in the menu :


          Capture d’écran 2013-11-27 à 14.27.26.png



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