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    Font Issue with After Effects CC


      I am running After Effects CC (on Mavericks).


      After creating an animation using fonts from Typekit, I now am having trouble where the fonts flicker back and forth between two different ones during the animation. At first, I thought I accidentally did something with animating it, but after deleting that type layer, creating a new layer, saving, exiting and returning, I now have the same issue.


      The last time after rendering a video, these error messages popped up:


      after effects problem invalid glyph ID (83::2)


      After Effects warning: Unknown Exception

      screenshot 2.png

      So I force quit the program. When restarting it, the error message below shows:


      These are the fonts that have trouble. It looks like it is flickering between ProximaNova bold and regular. What is causing this and how can I fix it?


      Lately I've had trouble syncing to the cloud.

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          Todd_Kopriva Adobe Employee

          There's a bug in the global performance cache related to font substitution: If you load a project with a missing font, After Effects will substitute a placeholder font. If you then install the missing font, After Effects may not update cached image information with the new font. So, if you install a font after loading a project for which that font was reported as missing, purge the cache (Edit > Purge) to force the cached image information to be updated with the new font.

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            ddraudt Community Member

            I first downloaded the fonts with typekit, then created the project in After Effects. I just tried to purge the Image Cache Memory but it made no difference. It's strange that in one text layer, I use two fonts, in two weights. Proxima Nova thin and Magneta bold. The issue is that one of the words in Magneta bold (but not all of them) will flicker between bold and regular. I paused it when it looks like the regular weight and it still says it is bold even though it isn't.


            I just selected it changed it to another weight and then to the one I wanted and now it looks fine. Any suggestions on how to avoid this in the future? It's happened twice already.

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              having the same problem... to purge the chache didn't solve my problem - still flickering


              even if i don't get the error message on startup and the fonts schould've been loaded correctly

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                Purging all Cache and memory worked for me.

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                  Thank You so Much!  This worked for me clearing out my memory and cache!