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    Text formating for catalogue making

    Jóhann Leó Level 1

      I made a short description of my problem but if like you can jump straight to the question in bold.


      I work doing pamphlets, ads and catalogues at a retail store chain, we are three graphic designers doing loads of material.

      We often use text from older pamphlets when we have allready published a particular item, to do that, we open the indesign where the item is located and copy the text.


      The problem with this method is that we go through hundreds and hundreds of articles this opening and closing of indesign files drastically slows the workflow.


      Things i have thought of:
      - Have a huge indesign file with only text so we only have to open one file and search within it.

      Problem:If anything should occur to that file (accidental erasing, errors or other), it would be catastrophic, plus we can´t work simultaneously in the file.


      - Copying text from a text edit or PDF file

      Problem: The formating goes away and with a text edit their still would be chances of accidental erasing and such.


      Question(s): Is their any PDF format that witholds formating (font, hyphens, spacing...)?

                           Is their a way to have a locked indesign file that is read only with possibility of copying?


      Extra question for fellow pamphlet makers: Is their any system, pluggin or other to smooth the workflow in pamphlet making?

                                                                          Anything would help even a keyword in google, i just don´t know what to look for.


      We use indesign CS6


      Thanks for your time.